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Anthony Braxton - 10 Comp (Lorraine) 2022 (2024)

Posted By: Rtax
Anthony Braxton - 10 Comp (Lorraine) 2022 (2024)

Anthony Braxton - 10 Comp (Lorraine) 2022 (2024)
FLAC (tracks, booklet) - 2.2 GB | MP3 CBR 320 kbps - 1.1 GB
8:11:04 | Free Jazz, Avantgarde | Label: New Braxton House

10 Comp (Lorraine) 2022 documents six live performances with Anthony Braxton's Lorraine Trio featuring trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, accordionist/vocalist Adam Matlock, and Anthony Braxton and four studio recordings featuring Braxton, saxophonist James Fei, and bassists Zach Rowden and Carl Testa.

The Tri-Centric Foundation is a 501©(3) non-profit organization which supports the work and legacy of American composer and musician Anthony Braxton. Our primary activities are preservation and dissemination of his scores, recordings, and writings, production of performances, and pedagogy. In the coming years we aim to increase the amount of material and information that is available for artists, researchers, and students of all levels who would like to learn how to perform these important works.

This year, we are releasing Braxton’s 10 Comp (Lorraine) 2022 Limited Edition Box Set! This marks the first major box set release of Anthony Braxton’s Lorraine Music system. The box set includes a significant collection of one of Braxton’s recent live trios and a special studio quartet with two basses and two saxophones. For these performances, Braxton works with the ensembles to produce a sequence of activities from the primary composition and including tertiary compositions. The Lorraine Music system incorporates graphic notation, traditional notation, and Braxton’s interactive Diamond Curtain Wall Music system. With design by Yeşim Tosuner and distinctive liner notes by Anthony Braxton himself, this box set continues in the aesthetic tradition that New Braxton House has developed over the last 7 years. By accessing this release through this fundraiser, you are helping to fund our ongoing work of sharing Braxton’s music.

As the digitization of the Tri-Centric Archive nears completion, we are transitioning to focusing our energy on publishing more of Braxton’s works and creating pedagogical materials for his music. We intend to devote significant resources towards publishing the larger-scale compositions such as Composition No. 96 and Composition No. 100, which require more attention than we have previously been able to dedicate. These pieces contain layers of complexity that require significant work to ensure accuracy and properly prepare for publication. We're also excited to announce that the new edition of the Tri-Axium Writings will be available from Frog Peak Music this coming Spring. The new edition will be published in a limited edition 3 book box set as well as available as individual volumes. Furthermore, the digital ebook will be freely available from Frog Peak Music for a suggested donation. More details will be announced soon.

TCF is working to make Braxton’s groundbreaking pieces available for the public to study and perform, and we need your help to fund this work. By selecting 10 Comp (Lorraine) 2022 as a reward for your contribution, you'll gain earliest access to this release, in addition to making your dollar go the farthest towards helping TCF! This fundraiser also features exclusive access to the 10 Comp (Lorraine) 2022 Tote Bag, designed by Yeşim Tosuner and featuring Braxton’s distinctive notation from the Lorraine Music system. Your contribution will go towards preserving and sharing the works of one of the most important living American composers, making Braxton’s work accessible to friendly experiencers for generations to come! Donate today, no amount is too small.

On tracks 1-6
Anthony Braxton: saxophones, electronics
Adam Matlock: accordion, voice
Susana Santos Silva: trumpet

On tracks 7-10
Anthony Braxton: saxophones, electronics
James Fei: saxophones
Zach Rowden: string bass
Carl Testa: string bass

Composition No. 423 recorded October 8th, 2021 in Riga, Latvia
Composition No. 424 recorded October 10th, 2021 in Prague, Czech Republic
Composition No. 425 recorded November 7th, 2021 in Ulm, Germany
Composition No. 426 recorded November 9th, 2021 in Lisbon, Portugal
Composition No. 427 recorded November 11th, 2021 in Puerto Real, Spain
Composition No. 428 recorded November 13th, 2021 in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Composition Nos. 432 and 433 recorded May 18th, 2022 in New Haven, CT, USA
Composition Nos. 434 and 435 recorded May 19th, 2022 in New Haven, CT, USA

CDs 1-6 recorded and mixed by Jon Rosenberg
CDs 7-10 recorded and mixed by Greg DiCrosta

Mastered by Greg DiCrosta
Co-produced by Carl Testa for the Tri-Centric Foundation

1. Composition No. 423 43:42
2. Composition No. 424 41:31
3. Composition No. 425 42:59
4. Composition No. 426 58:56
5. Composition No. 427 53:23
6. Composition No. 428 45:08
7. Composition No. 432 01:00:09
8. Composition No. 433 43:22
9. Composition No. 434 44:26
10. Composition No. 435 57:23



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Conclusion: CDDA 85%
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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
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FILE: 04 Composition No. 426.flac
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FILE: 03 Composition No. 425.flac
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Conclusion: CDDA 100%
Signature: F6FF42F71CAA34C55C2B5D8F9C93AF89FF16C4FF
FILE: 02 Composition No. 424.flac
Size: 230718505 Hash: 8F787C0BB5914595778561E54557FABD Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: MPEG 100%
Signature: AAB5C41227025EBFE22DAAD13C6AB74EC12F1F73
FILE: 01 Composition No. 423.flac
Size: 228951323 Hash: CD5B029502F9A885F7B300E4E8723B12 Accuracy: -m40
Conclusion: CDDA 42%
Signature: 01F089E54EACDAE46B75ECAB2F7ADB6DCD3971C1