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Learning Adobe Edge Animate Cc

Posted By: ELK1nG
Learning Adobe Edge Animate Cc

Learning Adobe Edge Animate Cc
Last updated 1/2017
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 628.59 MB | Duration: 3h 51m

Go hands-on with this standards-friendly tool suite for creating custom HTML5-based animation and video for the web.

What you'll learn
use Edge Animate tools to create HTML5 compatible animated elements and videos for the web
learn to work in both visual and coding views to produce standards-compliant effects
a working version of the application
no prior experience with the Edge platform is needed
This Learning Adobe Edge Animate CC training course, updated for Release 2014, will help you learn how to get started unique web creation tool from Adobe. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no previous experience with Adobe Edge or Edge Animate is required. You will start by learning the basics of the interface, such as how to arrange your workspace, use the code panel, and execute various shortcuts. Tony will then show you how to import images and teach you about Photoshop and Illustrator integration. Topics explored in the training include the code panel, exploring type, basic animation, creating and editing symbols, and creating a multi-state button and drop menu. You will also learn how to add video, control audio volume, and use templates. Finally, you will learn how to export for HTML, publish OAM files, and export for CMS platforms such as WordPress. Once you have completed this video based training course, you will have a complete understanding of how to use the tools and functions available to you in Edge Animate to create video and animated, interactive content for your web projects. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.


Section 1: What Is Adobe Edge?

Lecture 1 Important - Download These First - Working Files

Lecture 2 Edge Animate Overview

Lecture 3 Edge Animate For Flash Users

Lecture 4 Edge Animate For After Effects Users

Lecture 5 Edge Animate For Photoshop Users

Lecture 6 How To Access Your Working Files

Section 2: Interface Basics

Lecture 7 Interface Overview

Lecture 8 Arranging Your Workspace

Lecture 9 Properties

Lecture 10 Stage

Lecture 11 The Tools

Lecture 12 Using The Timeline

Lecture 13 The Elements Window

Lecture 14 Using The Library

Lecture 15 Using The Code Panel

Lecture 16 Filters

Section 3: Short-Cut Keys

Lecture 17 Edit

Lecture 18 Stage View

Lecture 19 Timeline

Section 4: Importing Images

Lecture 20 Importing Images

Lecture 21 Photoshop Integration

Lecture 22 Illustrator Integration

Lecture 23 Best Practices For Images

Section 5: The Code Panel

Lecture 24 Timeline Triggers

Lecture 25 Element Actions

Lecture 26 Viewing Full Code

Section 6: Exploring Type

Lecture 27 Type Properties

Lecture 28 Basic Font Usage

Lecture 29 Using Web Fonts

Lecture 30 Using Custom Web Fonts

Section 7: Basic Animation

Lecture 31 Setting Up Keyframes

Lecture 32 Animating Text

Lecture 33 Animating Clipping

Lecture 34 Animating Symbols

Lecture 35 Creating Loops

Lecture 36 Motion Paths

Lecture 37 Easing In And Out

Lecture 38 Using The Toggle Pin

Lecture 39 Animating CSS Filters

Section 8: Using Symbols

Lecture 40 Creating Symbols

Lecture 41 Editing Symbols

Lecture 42 Nesting Symbols

Lecture 43 Symbol Instance Names

Section 9: A Simple Site

Lecture 44 Colors Site Overview

Lecture 45 Creating The Labels

Lecture 46 Setting Shape Colors

Lecture 47 Buttons And Coding

Lecture 48 Buttons And The Code Window

Lecture 49 Changing The Cursor

Section 10: Creating A Multi-State Button

Lecture 50 Creating Labels For Buttons

Lecture 51 Coding The Button States

Lecture 52 Importing Button Images

Lecture 53 Adding Text To Buttons

Lecture 54 Adding Navigation

Lecture 55 Advanced Text

Section 11: Creating A Drop Menu

Lecture 56 Creating The Initial State

Lecture 57 Creating The Expanded State

Lecture 58 Closing The Menu

Lecture 59 Adding New Menus

Section 12: Audio

Lecture 60 Audio File Formats

Lecture 61 Audio On The Timeline

Lecture 62 Controlling Volume

Lecture 63 Adding Sound To Buttons

Lecture 64 Toggle Button

Lecture 65 Toggle Music

Section 13: Adding Video

Lecture 66 Video Formats

Lecture 67 Importing Video

Lecture 68 Adding Video Controls

Lecture 69 Add Multiple Videos

Lecture 70 Create A Multi Video Player

Section 14: Responsive

Lecture 71 Scaling Stage Width And Height

Lecture 72 Center Stage

Lecture 73 Failover Images And Down Level Stage

Lecture 74 Responsive Scaling

Section 15: Using Templates

Lecture 75 Starting From A Template

Lecture 76 Creating A Template

Lecture 77 Importing Templates

Lecture 78 Exporting And Sharing Templates

Section 16: File Exports

Lecture 79 Exporting For HTML

Lecture 80 Publishing OAM Files

Lecture 81 Exporting For WordPress

Section 17: Conclusion

Lecture 82 Wrap-Up

those who are just starting with Edge Animate for the first and/or looking to move away from Adobe Flash