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Gmat Quant Basic Lessons

Posted By: ELK1nG
Gmat Quant Basic Lessons

Gmat Quant Basic Lessons
Published 11/2022
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Quant Basic Concepts for GMAT and CAT preparation

What you'll learn

Basic Quant Lessons will help understand the basic concepts of maths required for GMAT or CAT or any other competitive exam.

Basic Quant Lessons will help in building the command on the core of the concepts

Basic Quant Lessons will help in working over the advance concepts

Basic Quant Lessons help in recollecting and brushing up the core concepts easily.


No need to be maths genius. If you are starting your GMAT or CAT or any other competitive exam preparation then this course will work as the first stepping stone which will help in building the core concepts from the scratch.


When one start the GMAT preparation the first thing they require is if somewhere they can brush up the core concepts of quant, because if one doesn’t recollect the core concepts it becomes very difficult to understand the advance level concepts of GMAT. And that is where this course pitches in. The main objective of this course is to help in understanding and building the basic quant core concepts for GMAT. This will help in brushing up the quant basics which will then help in grasping the advance level concepts of GMAT Maths. Thus, it is a very important course for those who are preparing for GMAT but are not in touch with the quant or maths for long time. In this course the following concepts are discussed in detail:General ArithmeticRules of DivisibilityExponents and RootsFractions and their calculationsDecimals and their calculationsPercentagesRatiosLinear Equations Quadratic EquationsInequalitiesAbsolute ValuesAs one can see the elaborated list of the core concepts this course covers which are the most important topics in GMAT quant. These topics are tested in direct or indirect way in every GMAT quant question. And understanding the basics of these concepts thus become the first stepping stone in the preparation of GMAT.  This course is simply accumulating all the core concepts at the single place so that one need not to wander here and there for understanding the basic quant concepts required for GMAT Quant.


Section 1: Basic Quant Lessons

Lecture 1 General Arithmetics

Lecture 2 Divisibility

Lecture 3 Exponents And Roots

Lecture 4 Fractions

Lecture 5 Decimals

Lecture 6 Percentages

Lecture 7 Ratios

Lecture 8 Linear Equations

Lecture 9 Quadratic Equations

Lecture 10 Inequalities

Lecture 11 Absolute Values

For GMAT or CAT or any other competitive exam aspirants