"Fluid Structure Interaction Computational Overview" ed. by Khaled Ghaedi, et al.

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"Fluid Structure Interaction Computational Overview" ed. by Khaled Ghaedi, et al.

"Fluid Structure Interaction Computational Overview" ed. by Khaled Ghaedi, Ahmed Alhusseny, Adel Nasser, Nabeel Al-Zurfi
ITexLi | 2021 | ISBN: 183969176X 9781839691768 1839691751 9781839691751 1839691778 97818396917 | 141 pages | PDF | 10 MB

This book provides the basic concept of fluid flow behavior in interaction with structures, which is crucial for almost all engineering disciplines. The book covers a variety of fluid-structure interaction, problems ranging from fundamentals of fluid mechanics to plasma physics, wind turbines and their turbulence, heat transfer, magnetohydrodynamics, and dam-reservoir systems.

Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI), also known as engineering fluid mechanics, deals with mutual interaction between fluid and structural components. Fluid flow depending on the structural shape, motion, surface, and structural roughness, acts as mechanical forces on the structure. FSI can be seen everywhere in medicine, engineering, aerospace, the sciences, and even our daily life.

1. Fluid Instabilities and Transition to Turbulence
2. Dynamics of Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Plasma Fluids
3. Evolutions of Growing Waves in Complex Plasma Medium
4. A Note on Heat Transport with Aspect of Magnetic Dipole and Higher Order Chemical Process for Steady Micropolar Fluid
5. Numerical Investigation of Natural Convection and Entropy Generation of Water near Density Inversion in a Cavity Having Circular and Elliptical Body
6. Basics of Fluid Dynamics
7. Seismic Response Characteristics of RCC Dams Considering Fluid-Structure Interaction of Dam-Reservoir System
8. Oseen’s Flow Past Axially Symmetric Bodies in Magneto Hydrodynamics

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